Today marks the official announcement of the return of former nerdRage player Janne ‘Janetzky’ Aho. Aho was with nerdRage for a long time before it was announced he would be leaving, and now after a few months we unveil him as our Hearthstone player as we enter back into the scene.

Janetzkty has been a player in Hearthstone since 2015 and has many achievements to show such as Dreamhack appearences, ESL online tournaments 1st and 2nd places and many more but was invited this year to represent Finland in Blizzards 2017 Global Games Circuit. During the time Janetzky was away he did attended the HCT playoff. We are estatic to welcome back Janetzky to nerdRage and will look forward to work with him to meet his goals and plans for next year. Future plans we do know he will want to pursue is the 2018 Championship Tour and we look forward to helping him get there.

Here is what returning player Janetzky had to say:

“Long story short, I didn’t know if I will keep on playing HS that much after the Dreamhack Summer (where i made top 16 and last time represented nR) and summer EU HCT Playoffs afterwards where i lost the top 8 cut on tiebreakers and ended in 10th place.

Its still “off season” for Heartstone (HCT is back on January) but there is lots of other places to play in too, obviously, and I played more or and less after the bitter ending of summer playoffs.

Some weeks ago Despise asked me what I’m up to, i didn’t really know what to answer because i wasn’t sure what I’m up to regarding HS; later i decided to keep on playing and probably pursuing the 2018 HCT tour and other tournaments and leagues, smaller and bigger, i still like the game etc

So I messaged Despise regarding a possible comeback or whatever you wanna call it. Didn’t take long for Despise and Rudiak to answer me “yeah lets win some stuff”. That’s some amazing stuff; nerdRage isn’t just a team I will play for more, its a team I’m glad to say I’m representing when I’ll play in next matches and tournaments. The support is beyond amazing.

‘official comeback’ kind of is this weekend when I’m attending a 1K Finnish LAN event called Insomnia XIX starting on Friday.

Glad to wear the colours again.”

We will be attending a LAN event this Friday, October 27th as his first event since joining back; make sure to stay tuned on the nerdRage twitter or Janetzky’s twitter to see how he gets on.

Make sure to stay tuned for updates on our social media accounts. You can find us on Twitter & on Facebook.

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