UK Masters Week 1 – Bulldog eSports vs nerdRage

Week 1 has been wrapped up for our League of Legends team in the UK masters with a swift 2-0 win against Bulldog Esports and a very fun series to watch.

We’ll start it off by talking about the pick/ban select in game one with Bulldog banning Kassadin, Orianna, Bard, Galio & Syndra; and the champs banned by nerdRage were Ahri, Thresh, Kled, Renekton & Vladimir. First pick went to Bulldog Esports with a Zac pick who has recently come into the meta with Nidalee who has also come into meta. Lucian was then picked by nerdRage, Caitlyn + Braum by Bulldog Esports, Janna + Shen by nerdRage, Cassiopeia + Fiora by Bulldog Esports and finally Varus by nerdRage.

The lineup for each team in game 1 was:

Bulldog Esports                                                                   nerdRage

Top: Fiora – Phawkes                                                        Shen – Artorias

Jungle: Zac- J3T                                                                  Nidalee – Nutri

Mid: Cassiopeia – Moon                                                    Lucian – Kakan

ADC: Caitlyn – Fax                                                             Varus – Bwipo

Support: Braum – Raizins                                                Janna – Prosfair


As game 1 went underway it was very obvious nerdRage had a very strong presence when first blood went to Nidalee on Zac at 4 minutes 47 seconds and 2 more kills onto Braum & Caitlyn by Janna & Varus giving nerdRage time to farm and giving the gold advantage away early. By 10 minutes nerdRage has 8 kills on the board, Cloud Drake + 1 tower  versus Bulldog Esports 1 kill + 0 towers giving nerdRage the 3.9k gold lead. At 20 minutes only 2 more kills were made 1 going to each teams and the Mountain Drake, Rift Herald, 3 more towers and nearly 6k gold lead to nerdRage whilst only 1 tower had been picked up by Bulldog Esports. At 21 minutes, nerdRage killed Baron and had the 9 kill advantage then the Infernal Drake at 22:05 minutes; nerdRage eventually won the match in 25 quick minutes.

From the very early game it was obvious nerdRage would definitely put alot of pressure on Bulldog Esports but no viewer expected it to go so well for nerdRage.

During the game 2 pick/ban phase definitely came off well for nerdRage as it definitely messed with Bulldog Esports players heads. The bans by nerdRage went as Ashe, Caitlyn, Zac, Braum & Ahri and then Bulldog Esports banned Syndra, Galio, Shen, Varus & Thresh. However the ban phase was not the part that shocked the viewers but it was the picks. Bulldog Esports picked Graves, Fiora, Tahm Kench, Jhin & Vladimir which were very strong picks however nerdRage messed with the other team by picking Camille, Elise, Lucian, Jayce & Orianna. The Fiora pick by Bulldog Esports was definitely meant to be against Camille but when Jayce + Lucian were picked by Kakan & Bwipo it was thought that Jayce would be mid and Lucian ADC but, to counter Bulldog Esports counter Prosfair picked Orianna which definitely shocked everybody but the line-ups ended up being:

Bulldog Esports                                                                                          nerdRage

Top: Fiora – Phawkes                                                                                 Jayce – Artorias

Jungle: Graves – J3T                                                                                   Elise – Nutri

Mid: Vladimir – Moon                                                                              Orianna – Kakan

ADC: Jhin – Fax                                                                                           Lucian – Bwipo

Support: Tahm Kench – Raizins                                                          Camille – Prosfair


As the game got underway nerdRage has a very peculiar line-up with the Camille support pick but first blood went even earlier and of course to nerdRage by Elise on Graves at 3 minutes 25 seconds. Another set of kills went at 5 minutes 12 seconds with Jhin killing Lucian then Camille killing Jhin, then 10 seconds later Graves as J3T ran to bot lane to kill Camille evening out the for 2 kills on each team. At 10 minutes, the game was slower than the previous with 0 towers down, and kills were 6-4 to nerdRage. However things soon picked up straight away with 3 kills for 1 death on the side of nerdRage 2 of them coming from Nutri and then first  bot tower going down at 10:45. At 12:16 Nutri took down Rift Herald to eventually set up for the play, getting all mid towers down at 13:09 with such a great teamplay from nerdRage. At 20 minutes, nerdRage had destroyed 7 towers compared to Bulldog Esports 1 with nearly 10k gold lead and only 1 Drake done which was Cloud from Bulldog Esports; at 21:44 nerdRage tookdown the Mountain Drake and then had a huge siege and won the game in 23 minutes and 30 seconds.

This shown the rest of the teams in the UK masters that nerdRage could be a potential dark horse and definitely showed the rest of the league that they are a force to be reckoned with.

However nerdRage would like to award the MVP to Nutri for his amazing plays in jungle and contributions to the team finishing game 1 8/0/10 and in game 2 10/1/5.

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