UK Masters Week 4 – nerdRage vs Feenix

Week 4 has been wrapped up and it meant so much for the boys here at nerdRage, a win would make us joint top with MnM Gaming who we play next week meaning its the battle for first place or if we lose, we would go second and have to win next week to go top.

Game 1 was a very rocky game but we will start it off with the pick & ban system. The champs banned by nerdRage were Kalista, Ashe, Kayle, Jax & Katarina, of course we would ban Kalista and Kayle as they’re Feenix’s top and adc main champs. Feenix banned Caitlyn, Corki, Fiora, Syndra & Leblanc, it was an obvious reason for the Fiora, Caitlyn & Leblanc bans as you can’t let Artorias, Kakan & Hej get away with picking them.

The 2 team lineups went as followed:

NR                                                                                                                               FNX

Top: Artorias – Renekton                                                                                        Kerber0s – Shen

Jungle: Nutri – Elise                                                                                                Istonru – Zac

Mid: Kakan – Viktor                                                                                                Kenzuke – Orianna

ADC: Hejsan Svenne – Varus                                                                                Rabstar – Xayah

Support: Prosfair – Janna                                                                                      Fastlegged – Thresh


The Elise first pick baited Kerber0s into picking Zac but nonetheless Nutri has chosen Elise quite a few times in the UK masters and done well with him, Prosfair Janna pick could’ve been seen coming from a mile away. The game went underway and things soon started to be initiated as at 2:58 first blood nearly went off against Orianna by Viktor + Elise which didn’t come their way but as Orianna ran back down mid in an unwarded area at 3:25 Elise came back for the gank to kill Orianna when Zac came and finished the injured Viktor from the tower dive. At 5:45 a fight initiated with Janna, Varus, Elise and Orianna fought Zac + Orianna coming out with a kill on Ori and narrowly missing the kill on Zac.

At 6:20 Renekton from nR tower dived Shen for the 1v1 kill, then at 10:00 an unfortunate tower siege on the top lane in nerdRages way just narrowly missing the first turret and then Renekton dying to Feenix. At 11:10 the first drake of the game was picked up by Feenix which was an infernal drake. The first turret was picked up by Renekton at 11:35. So things were looking fairly smooth for nerdRage squad as they had a fairly good start. At 12:11 the bot outer tower was taken down after kills on Janna + Varus but did not challenge for a siege on the inner turret. At 12:30 to compensate for losing the infernal drake, nerdRage killed the Rift Herald. At 15:13 nerdRage take down the Thresh + Xayah to then use the rift herald on mid lane to get the outer tower and do some damage onto the inner turret and then rotated down to bot to take down the bot outer turret at 16:07. At 16:29 Feenix took down their second tower on the mid outer turret. At 13:38, the first proper team fight went underway killing Thresh, Xayah, Zac and losing none on the nerdRage side to then take down the bot inner turret and the mountain drake at 17:35. By 18 minutes nerdRage took down 4 turrets to Feenix’s 2, 1 drake on each side and 8 kills by nerdRage for Feenix’s 4, Viktor had around 40 cs on Orianna, Renekton was up by 30 to Shen and Feenix’s Xayah has 40 cs up on Varus.

At 20:06 Kakan had 5 kills which was actually more than Feenix’s kills combined and around a 6k gold lead by nerdRage. At 20:23 nerdRage took out Feenix’s mid inner turret then at 22:30 a full 5v5 fight took place killing Elise + Renekton leaving the majority of Feenix weak. At 23:45 Varus secured his first kill for the Baron Nashor to then be picked up by nerdRage at 24:00, then Cloud Drake at 25:45. At 26:11 2 kills by Feenix onto Varus + Elise. At 27:40 Renekton pushed up top when the majority was unwarded and found himself  in a 1v4 by Feenix which ended up being played beautifully by Renekton getting a trade onto Xayah to get the 1 for 1 kill.

By 30:00 nerdRage had taken down 6 towers while Feenix had taken down 2 with a 5.5k gold lead by nerdRage. At 31:14 with Xayah recalling nerdRage attempt to pick up their second baron of the game with it being stolen by Zac then with an attempt of redemption by killing the Mountain Drake, Zac steals that too who then lost the fight just afterwards. Eventually at 34:06 the top outer turret was taken down then Viktor was killed.

By 37:00 Feenix was down to their last inhibitor turret as all the outer and inner ones were destroyed. 38:16 saw yet another team fight resulting in a 2 for 2 trade whilst Renekton pushed up the lane to take down 2 inhibitors for the super minion spawn. At 40:45 with nerdRage seeking to get the baron and finish the game actually resulted in Zac stealing another Baron for the side of Feenix. At 41:41 saw a 5v4 fight by nerdRage which actually took down the nerdRage side but didn’t stop them going back to finish the job at 44:10 taking 3 down from Feenix and shortly after finishing the match.

As game 2 pick ban phase underway we saw Fiora, Corki, Caitlyn, Varus & Jhin being banned by Feenix and Kayle, Ashe, Kallista, Kassadin and Jax being banned by nerdRage. The first 3 bans by each team were basically the same and then Varus was banned for Hej’s performance in game 1 and then Kassadin banned so there is no OP counter to the Leblanc pick by Kakan.

The game 2 lineups looked as followed:

nerdRage                                                                                                         Feenix

Top: Artorias – Renekton                                                                              Kerber0s – Camille

Jungle: Nutri – Nidalee                                                                                 Istonru – Zac

Mid: Kakan – Leblanc                                                                                    Kenzuke – Syndra

ADC: Hejsan Svenne – Xayah                                                                      Rabstar – Tristana

Support: Prosfair – Janna                                                                             Fast Legged – Thresh

Game 2 got underway with everybody watching knowing this would be a bloodbath with Feenix rushing Nidalee in the jungle forcing Nutri to burn his flash. First blood came around the same time with it being at 03:52 on Zac by Renekton passing on his red + blue buff which would cause quite a challenge for Camille to fight until they went because of the burn. This kind of momentum certainly passed down into the bot lane with Janna killing the Tristana at 04:20 and then shortly after at 5:03 the Nidalee punished Syndra for being out of position and sniping her from the jungle with the javelin toss to pick up the kill. At 05:37 a 2 for 1 trade went down as Camille + Zac died for the kill on Leblanc by Zac. This was 5 minutes in and it was already a bloodbath with 6 kills, 5 being from nerdRage proving the prediction to be correct.

At 07:17 Nidalee + Renekton 2v1’d the Zac knowing that Camille had recalled so it would be extra hard for Zac to come away with both kills, then Leblanc continuing with the aggressive play-style on the Syndra picking up yet another kill. At 07:52 Xayah made a beautiful play tower diving the Tristana close to level 6 knowing once Hejsan secured the kill he would be able to featherstorm away to avoid being killed by the turret. At 09:44 Renekton + Nidalee dive the Camille to then get the first turret. At 11:06 nerdRage picked up the first drake which was cloud drake. At 13:32 Leblanc and Syndra had a 1v1 fight which resulted in Leblanc getting to the lowest health he could before chaining and using tp baits to kill Syndra and getting away alive. At 14:00 the herald was taken down by nR and at this point, Feenix had no hope for getting to late game at that point. At 14:58, Renekton tp’d to the bot lane to then tower dive Tristana using no ult and getting away alive. At 16:38 Camille was taken down and nerdRage pushed out bot to take down all the outer and inner turrets for Feenix.

By 18 minutes nerdRage was up by 13k gold and were up by 14 kills, this meant our side was looking to end the game very early by starting with killing the mountain drake at 18:20 and pushing the Feenix base taking down both nexus turrets by 19:51 and winning the game & series at 20 minutes and 29 seconds. What a game that was for nerdRage proving dominance and not showing any mercy to take us joint top with MnM gaming. This built lots of momentum going into next week for the battle for first place. Make sure you tune in next week at 7pm GMT on Tuesday to see the battle for first place here

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