Shéphyra expands stream team into Fortnite

With continued expansion in our stream team, nerdRage are excited to announce the latest addition of the team! Living in France and streaming mainly Fortnite but also IRL and range of other game please welcome:

:flag_fr: Shéphyra (Twitch / Twitter)

With an impressive 19,000 followers on her twitch and close to half a million views we are excited for the future this cooperation brings and look forward to come up with some unique ideas and explore some new markets for the organisation.

To help give you a basic understanding of who Shéphyra is we had a short interview with her!

What is your favourite game?

I don’t really have one, at the moment the one i play the most is Fortnite, and a little bit of PUBG & LoL, in the past i used to play a lot of CSGO & GMOD

Who is your favourite singer?

I don’t have a favourite singer, but my favorite band is Die Antwoord. :p

What made you start streaming?

I started streaming in October 2014, because at this moment of my life i was playing a lot, and i liked watching streams, i wanted to play with new people & share with them, so i started streaming :). I stopped last year for studies, and now i’m back again since July :smiley:

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?

My dream is to be a full-time streamer and to grow my community etc.. So i hope in 5 years i would have achieved that goal and keep on streaming.

Where is the best place in France to go on holiday?

Normandy beaches (which is where i am from)! :D, or The Alps when there’s snow :p

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