nerdRage’s Janetzky Attends HS Global Games

Ever since Hearthstone’s beginnings in 2014, the game was fated to take over the collectible card game scene. Now, over three years later, Blizzard has capitalized upon that fame by announcing the official Hearthstone Global Games. With teams from over 48 different countries and a $300,000 prize pool, this tournament is sure to captivate the world’s attention.

The tournament’s first matches will take place on April 11 at 10:00 CEST and will be broadcast on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel. For those unaware, the people with the most points in the Winter Season got chosen to represent their country right away whereas people had to vote for three more players from their country. Blizzard has not said how those players that were up for vote were chosen.


Image courtesy of Blizzard

We here at are very proud to announce that our very own Janne Juhani “Janetzky” Aho will be the captain of Team Finland. He managed to do so by being the highest ranked Finnish player in the Winter HCT Season which lasted from Nov-Dec 2016 and into January of 2017. Janetzky will be playing alongside Aleksi “Wampie” Majander, Juho “Ersee” Hyödynmaa and ENCE eSports’s Antti “Kufdon” Lammi.

Wampie is Finland’s longest-standing competitive player whose experience is a great asset for any team. Kufdon plays for ENCE Esports and has had major success in tournaments like PGA Tavern Tales and Dreamhack Winter 2016 with top placements. Ersee is best remembered for his silver placement at Dreamhack Winter 2015. According to Janetzky, “nobody knows what he might play, do or set up. Senpai Ersee is the one player I learned a lot from after getting more into competitive Hearthstone. [I am] excited to play alongside him after all that.”

When it comes to Jantezky, he’s “doing really well in the Spring Season of Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) with 18 points currently. If I get a few more points somewhere this month, I will be in the Spring Playoffs. Alongside that, really excited for HGG and doing some streams whenever I have the time while waiting for the next majors (probably Dreamhacks, Summer / Valencia).”

We wish our boys the best of luck and look forward to nothing but incredible results from them!

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