nerdRage Welcomes Second CS:GO Team

As an organization, nerdRage was founded on one important concept: winning. To facilitate that even further, we have taken the bold move of employing the services of yet another CS:GO team.

The core three members of the team, Kobus, Mitta and Mikejuu, have been together for almost four years. As a team, they have played in many tournaments including CEVO Main playoffs as well as ESEA Main. Under the name ECVisualize, they even attended the 2015 Dreamhack Winter BYOC tournament and made it to the semifinals.

Trust Gaming

Image courtesy of Trust Gaming

In addition to playing together at tournaments, the team has also reviewed products for for sponsors like BenQ, HyperX and Trust Gaming.

The original trio added Angry and MethoDs to their lineup and these five stars have been together for around six months. Angry is known for his time on the ESEA Main RWS charts and MethoDs has played CS since 2003 on many different semi-pro teams.

From all of us here at nerdRage, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new team and we look forward to future tournament wins!

Thus, the full roster is as follows:

  • Mike “mikejuu” Ju
  • Mitchell “Mitta” Sattoe
  • Jordy “kobus” Heijmans
  • Sven “angry” Boerboom
  • Angelo “MethoDs” Alfano

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