nerdRage sign H1Z1 KotK team

nerdRage are ecstatic to announce the addition of a new H1Z1 lineup.

Yet again another talented lineup joining the nerdRage team. H1Z1 has seen a recent jump in teams forming in more specifically King Of The Kill. Ranging from Slovakia to the Czech Republic currently competing at the highest levels in H1Z1 the lineup has now joined nerdRage.


The lineup now playing under nerdRage:

🇨🇿 Honza ‘Sw33zy’ Kulich – TwitterTwitchFacebook

🇨🇿 Michael ‘Miken’ Turský TwitterTwitchFacebook

🇨🇿 Radek ‘Exe’ Střílecký – TwitterTwitchFacebook

🇸🇰 Lukáš ‘luck0r’ Klobušický – TwitchFacebook

🇨🇿 Lukáš ‘Dolan’ Vosecký – TwitterTwitch


Here’s what Honza ‘Sw33zy’ Kulich had to say about the move:

“We are really excited to join nerdRage, they’re a good organization. As far as joining nerdRage we plan to practice & scrim and enter some upcoming tournaments this year. Also, we all plan to reach top 100 in solos. I’d like to thank nerdRage for the opportunity and we will do our best to represent nerdRage in the H1Z1 community.”

Not only will the team be looking to compete in the competitive scene but each player actively streams providing entertaining content. You can find all streams & social medias of the players next to their alias above. Be sure to follow all their social medias & like their Facebook pages.


This is what Rupert ‘RUDIAK’ Cary one of nerdRage’s owners had to say about the addition of the H1Z1 team:

“We are extremely excited to bring in an H1Z1 team into the organization with the massive amount of growth it has recently received on Twitch. We feel our team has a strong potential to become one of the strongest teams in the game as it grows into a full-blown eSport during 2017 with numerous tournaments starting to emerge. All the players have a fantastic attitude and approach to the game and we look forward to working together!”

To keep up with all nerdRage related news & information be sure to check us out on Twitter & Facebook.

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