nerdRage return to CSGO with a new team

It was just a matter of time until the nerdRage brand re-entered the CSGO scene, having such strong roots going back to the start of the organisation it has always been a crucial foundation of the brand with the fan base predominantly stemming from the CSGO scene. We hope the new team nerdRage has acquired, with a good structure and force pushing them will go on to achieve a number of results whilst wearing our colours. Without further delays we are proud to announce and welcome the following roster:

:flag_gb: Jakub ‘RYBAK’ Michalek (@RybakCS)
:flag_gb: Jesse ‘BLURRY’ Chorley (@BluRRyyCS)
:flag_gb: Oliver ‘OLI’ Calthorpe (@olicalthorpe)
:flag_gb: Alfie ‘RAY1’ Scott (@AlfieScott_)
:flag_gb: Dempsey ‘FLAY’ Helliwell (@Dempsehh)
:flag_gb: Ben ‘MBL’ Morris (@MBL_CS)

The keen eye’s would of noticed that the organisation has decided to take a return to the UKCSGO scene due to the steady growth over the last year putting the scene in a much better position than previously. The brand, nerdRage, will be looking to re-instate there colours at the top of the scene and remind everyone the importance the structure of the organisation brings in developing young talents such as our latest acquisition.

The players have appeared in a number of UK lineups over the years most notably when they played together under the Impulse Gaming branding and achieved 5-6th placement at i60. Additionally during that period they conquered the ESEA Open season and went onto compete in the Main season.

Jakub ‘RYBAK’ Michalek gave a statement regarding the recent acquisition:

“We are really happy to be finally joining a reputable organisation who can help us achieve our goals as a team. We have been great mates for a long time and looking forward to playing together with the support of nerdRage for grind ahead. Thanks for all the support from everyone making our return possible!”

With determination and hard work from both the org and the players we hope to soon be back and competing in a strong position whilst pushing to achieve greater things, there will also be an array of content being produced tailored at helping develop the younger generation of players and giving fans regular updates of the teams’ progress.

The CEO of nerdRage, Rupert ‘RUDIAK’ Cary said the following in respect to the news:

“I am very excited to have a new CSGO team under the brand, it’s always been a strong passion for us with most our history coming from the game. I look forward to seeing the team compete over the coming months and wish them all the best. They are a great group of individuals and I believe they have a lot of potential with the correct mentality.”


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