NerdRage pickup CSGO team looking to go far

We are excited to announce our new main Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup. NerdRage have had a while of inactivity in the CS:GO division only supporting academy teams in a hope to help them develop as gamers, but we have now taken the leap to cut all ties with former teams and bring aboard a new lineup with massive potential and calibre. The team are as follows:

🇫🇷 Anthony “remakz” Ladeveze
🇹🇷 Berk “Rip” Tepe
🇮🇱 Neoray “Xeon” Hay
🇨🇿 Jiri “azak” Hausner
🇧🇪 Jonathan “denzstou” Van Aelst

Coach: 🇮🇱 Yarden “jordaNNNN” Nasimov

The players stem from across Europe bringing in a range of talent that has featured on teams such as Epsilon, Space Soldiers, Dark Passage and Esuba. The team currently have 3/3 wins in the current $33,000 CEVO season, and will hopefully be looking to compete in Copenhagen Games and a number of other upcoming invitational’s.

It is a very exciting time for nerdRage, to work with this great lineup with a strong relationship and a long term ambition to succeed together!

The coach, jordaNNNN gave the following comment on the recent merge

We feel that its time to bounce, to show the world who we are and what we can bring to the game. NerdRage is a good home to succeed with our dreams. It’s a home that can give us power and conditions to succeed. The future will be amazing. NerdRage will back to the top!



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