NerdRage pick up AllnFerreira

We are excited to announce our first Quake player. NerdRage has never had a Quake player before but as 🇫🇷 AllnFerreira puts it: we have the same mindset. We hit him up to introduce himself and tell us a bit about himself and how he got here.


Tell us a bit about your current living situation

So I’m from France and I’ve been living in the north of France for 23 years.

When did you start gaming?

To be honest, I started at the age of 4/5 years old. When I was a bit older, I had experienced many gaming consoles for family fun.

What made you want to play Quake?

I’ve known Quake for years, but I’ve never really played it. I’ve been watching it every now and then on Quake Live servers or on QLRace servers. When Bethesda announced Quake Champions, I said to myself: “Whoa, it’s time to get back on Quake, it’s a fantastic nostalgic clash.”

And I’m glad to come back on Quake.

Why did you decide to join NerdRage?

I knew NerdRage from CSGO. I follow the CSGO e-sports scene closely and I’ve heard NerdRage repeatedly. I checked on the team and for me it was a team with an ideology similar to mine. I saw no team other than NerdRage to play Quake Champions for.

What are your expectations for upcoming tournaments?

It will take a lot of training, that’s very important. Compared to other competitive games Quake demands more concentration, more anticipation. But Quake is also a very restricted game, the game is the same as Quake Live. What I expect is more tournaments in Europe, so that it’s more open to give it my all in the tournaments to come.

What do you want to achieve whilst staying with NerdRage?

My goal is to continually improve myself, continue my advance in ESL tournaments and especially participate in the upcoming DreamHack. In the long run, I would like to become pro player in the Quake scene. It’s a dream that can become a reality, it’s up to me to give it my all!

Thank you NR for trusting me and thank you NR for hosting me.

Follow him on Twitter or Twitch and follow him on his journey to qualification for DreamHack Winter 2017.

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