League of Legends: a new era for nerdRage

With much anticipation on who will be the future of the nerdRage brand, we are very excited to announce the signing of our new League of Legends team.

League of Legends is a new competitive scene and era for nerdRage and we are looking to make a massive impact in our first split over the coming months. We are delighted to announce we have found the perfect lineup full of potential, skill and determination and we look forward to starting work with them.

The team combines one of the best junglers in the UK and some raw and up and coming talent from both UK and Europe. The team we acquired with little time wasted from a fellow UK organisation, Arctic Storm, who only recently acquired them. With some of the talent previously playing for lineups such as XENEX the team was always going to be in high demand, and nerdRage are please to be able to offer them the support they require to develop into some of the strongest players the UK has seen.

Here is what team manager Ashley ‘Slip’ Haynes had to say about the team joining:

Me along with the players and staff are excited to be a part of nerdRage, and are looking forward to what’s to come with this org along with our prospects for UK Masters, I believe that nerdRage will facilitate everything we need to succeed in the UK scene for the upcoming split and many more to come.

Recently in the UK Masters qualifiers the team were seeded 1st and flew through the qualifying stages to secure entrance into the UK Masters starting next month, in which they will be boot camping in preparation for. Additionally with UK ESL Premiership and iSeries around the corner it will be an exciting 2017 ahead!

The lineup now representing nerdRage:

Sam ‘Artorias’ Willis – Top laner

Callum ‘Sancus’ Wilson – Jungler

Dimitris ‘Von is Gone’ Bakiris – Mid laner

Johan ‘Hejsan Svenne’ Gruvstad – ADC

Tom ‘Prosfair’ Willis – Support


Ashley ‘Slip’ Haynes – Manager

Doruk ‘Doruk’ Hacioglu – Coach

Chris ‘Scholar’ Coussons – Analyst

CEO Rupert ‘RUDIAK’ Cary commented on the acquisition of the new lineup;

It is a very exciting to be announcing the pickup of a fantastic LoL team such as Arctic Storm. We have always wanted to break into the market due to the massive potential and finding such a dedicated and hardworking team is exactly what we needed. We are fully committed to push this team to the maximum of their capabilities, and look forward to seeing their raw talent evolve over the duration of the upcoming split.

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