Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Review


You ought to like the Logitech G430 Surround Gaming Headset on first sight. It appears so beautiful. It is a perfect combination of blue and black. Blue the color of peace and tranquility and black the color of power and control. The plastic body is sturdy and strong but light in weight i.e. only 9 ounce. You can wear it for hours and hours without getting weary. Each part appears to be carefully crafted to perform its function and to be in harmony with the other parts to create an integrated whole. The overall look appeals to your esthetic sense. The hardware is covered with 3 years warranty which is a good duration. It uses Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology to create a surround sound effect.


You need to install Logitech gaming software from Logitech website in order to listen to the surround sound. This requires window 7, 8 or vista. The software allows you to manipulate the equalizer and volume control and to set various parameters for quality sound production. It emulates 7.1 Dolby surround sound only when connected to PC through the USB sound card supplied with the head phone.

By design it is a gaming headset However, you can always use it as a conventional stereo headphone with your pc, smart phone or any gadget having a headphone jack. This headphone can be used with any VOIP like Skype, etc. The G 430 is equally good for listing to music and voice recording. All the instruments can be heard distinctly in their original sounds. It can be used with all types of audio output including TV, video, games, etc. With a 40mm driver, 32 Ohms output and Frequency range between 20Hz to 20 KHz it performs great.

Sound Performance

The headphone employs digital signal processing technology. For every audio channel (up to five for surround sound), the Headphone electronically creates acoustic signatures similar to that produced by different speakers placed at specific locations. This creates a sound affect in your mind similar to that from multiple speakers in a room. Thus only with 2 speakers the sound appears to be coming from multiple directions. It is a virtual 7.1 surround sound system.

You can use this headphone for prolonged periods without getting fed up because the sound no longer appears to be penetrating directly into your ears from only two directions.

The 7.1 surround sound makes you fully engaged in the game. You listen to each sound distinctly and the direction from where it is coming. The whistling of wind, the dripping of water, the shrilling thunder of gun fire, voices of co-players and even the tiptoe of enemy behind.

It synchronizes your brain and your fingers to hit the target automatically. You are no more playing a game from outside; you become a part of the game right there amidst the situation.

You can have some visualization of the difference between the normal sound from your TV set and the sound you hear from your Logitech surround headset by comparing it with the difference between watching a program on a conventional television set and on a high definition television. There is a marked difference of quality. But to know it for sure, there is no other way except trying it yourself.

Watching movies and playing video games, without Logitech G430 surround sound headset shall mean letting go of a big part of the excitement. And what more, you can enjoy the top volume without any leaking of sound. That means except you, no body else, no matter how close he or she is to you, shall listen to the sound and get disturbed.


The main body of headset is made of black plastic. The head band is padded with a cushion, covered with perforated sports performance cloth. The cushioning prevents direct contact of hard plastic with your head and keeps the headphone firmly but softly in position. The headset is big enough to fit any size, even with 3D glasses. The size of head band can be adjusted according to your requirement.

Ear cups

The ear cups are of rectangular shape with sufficient inner space to keep your ears at a distance from the speakers. These can swivel in and out and rotate up to 90 degree. The headphone can be laid flat on a surface or in a bag minimizing the risk of damage. You can lay them flat on your shoulders comfortably when not using for a short while. These are cushioned and covered with blue perforated sports performance cloth. The perforation in the cloth provides room for air circulation and keeps your ears cool and dry in hot temperature. The cover is removable and washable.


A 4 inch elastic boom microphone is attached to the left ear piece. This is noise canceling and can block unwanted noises in the surrounding area very affectively. You can manage how much noise is to be blocked through the Logitech gaming software. It can move horizontally and vertically so you can adjust it according to your comfort and fold it upward when not in use.


A light blue, braided cable is attached with the left ear piece. It is 2.3 meter long which provides you enough room to sit in front of your PC at a comfortable distance. This cable is kink free. It can be folded without the fear of damage. It has a wrapping clip on it which allows you to shorten the length and wrap up the extra loose cable. At the other end it has two audio jacks, one for speaker and one for the headphones .it has a volume control switch with a mute button. It facilitates you to adjust the volume or mute the microphone without changing your position.


The features offered by Logitech G430 in comparison to the price, clearly make it one of the best surround Sound Gaming Headphone. It shall take you deep into the game where you shall discover new pearls of entertainment.


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