As nerdRage begin to seek for their roster we are pleased to announce that manager Mannimal will be joining us for the 2018 season. Mannimal will be a vital part of our 2018 season as we look to preform better than our previous season and be the best roster in UK LoL, doing this we decided to interview him so you as the fans can get to know more about our team and its staff.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

My name is Sam Newbould I am 22 and I work full time as an electrician from Sheffield which I have been doing for around 5 years. Before that I went to high school and also did one year studying A levels. In my spare time I like to play rugby and manage league of legends teams!

How did you get into League of Legends and what is your past experience with teams?

So I got into league way back when it was in beta. A friend from Warcraft 3 got me playing it and haven’t stopped since! I started taking the game a bit more seriously around a year ago and played for Digital Warfare then moved onto managing their team. I left and since then I have been involved in a few different projects building/helping to build teams. My biggest achievement so far was winning insomnia 61 LAN event with Vir Mortalis.

What are your long term goals for yourself as a manager?

Long term I would love to make being a manager of esports a viable full time job competing at the top level in League of Legends.

Are you able to reveal to any of the readers about some of your future plans with the team?

All I can say is that I am driven to make this a good split for Nerd Rage and I will work myself and the team to the limit to achieve that goal.

What do you think about runes reforged and do you think it will create affect competitive play in ways it didn’t before?

I think the runes reforged has been a great change to league of legends it opens a lot of doors for possibilities and will start to see the true impact when LCS starts and we get to see what the pros are doing.

Finally, would you like to add anything else or say anything to the fans?

Get ready for the most competitive UK League of Legends split to date.

If  you would like to keep up with Mannimal and see more from him he is active on his twitter so don’t forget to follow him and show him some love.

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