Interview With Overwatch Coach Matthew ‘Bloxi’ Kimble

Since the addition of the Overwatch lineup nerdRage have been on the search for a coach to join the lineup and help with the progression of the Overwatch division.

With our coach being a new addition to the nerdRage family we caught up with Bloxi to gain an insight into his time before joining nR also including some of his plans with the Overwatch team.

First of all, you’re a new face to the organization. Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself and your experience thus far within eSports & coaching?

I played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive semi-competitively for around 2 years, as well as playing Team Fortress 2 casually for around the same time. In total, I have around 5600+ hours between the two games as well as coaching ESEA IM/M teams in CS:GO. I saw an opportunity when Overwatch was in open beta and played competitive mode for a while learning the game as well as scrimming. A few months ago I was picked up as flex/support by a team called “The Harambe Comets” which at the time was 15th in America. My career really expanded from there and I learned a lot playing with and against good teams.

With coming into the organization as the Overwatch coach do you have any particular plans with the lineup?

Although I’m not making major changes to the team, my main focus is getting them to think for gradual improvement. We have pages of notes, compositions, and things we would like to try as well as helping individual players in their decision making. This also includes making sure that our players focus on the game if a mistake is made and talk about it after. I encourage communication during these points so that the team is more willing to communicate as well as decide on what we’re doing next fight. Whenever the team is free to talk about it we make sure that everybody’s voice is heard and to keep encouraging positivity. I believe that the environment in the team is very strong and we’re hungry to be the best in Europe.

Within let’s say a couple of months from now where do you want the Overwatch team to be standing within Europe and global rankings?

With the rate at which we’re improving, I believe that we could be top 5 in Europe in a few months. We scrim daily for many hours, and once we get a VOD recorder we will improve at a much faster rate. We’re still trying to establish roles in the team as well as figuring out the meta and what works for us the best as the meta is constantly changing. I would love for us to be able to compete at an international level, I’m just hoping that Blizzard will support the European scene as many big European organisations have not picked up or are uninterested in picking up an Overwatch team at the moment. I’m very excited about the upcoming Overwatch league and just hoping that it expands to other countries to help the scene grow massively.

Are there any special mentions or messages you’d like to add?

I would like to thank my parents the most for supporting me in my eSports career, as well as all of my previous teams and teammates who helped me get me where I am today. Although I’m still young I strive to continue improving as a coach and to get my team to the top.

Matthew ‘Bloxi’ Kimble will now be coaching the following lineup:

🇸🇪 Henrik ‘NuttyB’ Romby – DPS/Flex
🇳🇴 Iver ‘Trob’ Straume – Flex/Support
🇳🇱 Jonathan ‘Jona’ Stelma – DPS/Flex
🇬🇧 Cameron ‘Fusions’ Bosworth – Main Tank
🇬🇧 Eoghan ‘Smex’ O’Neill – Flex
🇪🇸 Miguel Angel ‘Lawliet’ Morcillo Hidalgo – Support

🇺🇸 Matthew ‘Bloxi’ Kimble – Coach – TwitterTwitchYouTube

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