ESL UK Premiership Spring Closed Qualifier: Day 2

After making it into the closed qualifier bracket after going 2-2 on day 1, nerdRage were looking to prove themselves as a strong squad and qualify for the spring split. nerdRage played Enclave Gaming in the first round of the qualifiers and sadly lost which built up the pressure that the squad couldn’t let get to them and they had to head into the losers bracket and prove that they were hungry for this. We beat New England LOL in the first round of the losers bracket and the next game is what it all came down to, we had to beat Team Singularity to qualify for the Spring split but also prove we can beat some of the best teams in the UK. nerdRage would like to thank player Kroghsen for substituting during the qualifiers and his valiant effort during the games to help us get through.

Witness the reaction of the players in the game winning moment below:


Following the win, we decided to speak to some of the players and coach for their reaction to it

Top laner The Governor –

“I’m very happy to qualify with a team that has such a great attitude towards the game, and offer a lot of experience I can learn from. This provides a great opportunity for me to establish myself and show different play styles.”

ADC Jakamaka –

“I’ve got a strong team behind me and have faith in them all, I’m ready to push myself hard this season, don’t underestimate us.”

Support Snuggli –

“Really happy to have qualified for ESL prem with nerdRage and I couldn’t have done it with a nicer team. Shoutouts to Jakamaka, Governor and Kvothe for being quality teammates and awesome players and a massive thank you to Kroghsen for filling mid on such short notice and being an absoloute beast in mid. Also a shoutout to Heron who is a rookie coach this year and doing a great job and our manager Sam ‘Sparky’ Mannimal.”

Jungle Kv0th3 –

“Playing with our current roster over the past few days has been incredibly amazing and made me realise while we can work on a lot, It’ll give me a lot of possibility to improve over this split.”

Coach Heron –

“After day one of the qualifiers I was exceptionally nervous going into day two. We hadn’t performed to our best and this concerned me because a lot was riding on the next 2-3 games. Deep down inside however I was calm and collected because I believe in my players and I knew they would all bring their A game. The day didn’t start off great with a defeat to Enclave however it was a huge improvement on the day before and instead of dwelling on the fact we’d just lost and needed to win the next two games the players were high spirited and having fun, one of the main reasons I love this roster so much, their un-tiltable attitudes. We refreshed our minds and reset to take a very convincing victory against New England LoL boosting our morale even further until it came down to the last game. The big one against Singularity, during the drafting phase after analyzing the bans and what was on the table I knew I wanted to try something similar to what we did on day one against Hyperion, the heavy AP comp with Kog’Maw. I was previously slandered on this draft after day one but we had practiced it a lot in scrims and had seen a good amount of success on it, plus we had reviewed the errors we made against Hyperion and knew how we could improve next time. On top of that we picked Xerath, something that was unknown to me as a coach as I was yet to see Krogshen on it in scrims however it was his choice and something I believe a lot with my coaching style and this is listening to my players as much as I can because if they aren’t confident in my decisions and picks they won’t perform to their highest ability. I applied full faith into him and this pick he was certain could turn the tide of the game. I watch anxiously from the stream and was silent, reading the chat along the side with the same comments coming out about how poor my drafting was with the heavy AP and ‘weak picks’ from some quite noticeable names from inside the UK scene however I remained completely confident in what I had done and it was all now down to the players. That Xerath pick would later be the figurehead of our victory and justify my coaching style in believing 100% in my players. Singularity fought hard but I believe it was our comradery that won us that game because at the end of the day all the players have built up an outstanding rapport with each other. The players came in screaming with joy and as they came in we all went ballistic everyone ecstatic with what we have achieved with this roster of players and made all the risks we have taken as an org and individuals worth while. We now look onward toward the UK prems and will come out swinging, the hard work only starts now and I believe each and everyone of us have something to prove to the UK scene and we are going to drive until we achieve this. I would also like to take this time to thank everyone that supported me, the players and nerdRage last night because you were the flames that kindled our success, nerdRage and the players for taking a chance on me as a new coach and putting their full faith in me and a specific thank you to my family who without there support I wouldn’t of been able to achieve this dream of mine. See you in prems.” – Tim ‘Heron’ Gudz


The ESL UK premiership spring split begins February 6th which you can see on the esl_lol twitch channel and remember to raise your governors.

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