Critical Ops Domination for nerdRage Relaunch

After a period of inactivity, nerdRage are excited to announce they are back with the signing of a new team. A new venture into mobile esports, we have brought the team known as [MFA] Mullet Mafia currently competing in a mobile game called Critical Ops. The team has shown a great aptitude of talent in their recent successes beating a number of established teams and turning heads in the process. Coupled with the signing of the new team nerdRage have decided to freshen up the brand and show their dominance in the orange/red tones so be sure to check out our flashy new social media banners and jersey for the next season! Without further delay though the team to represent us going forwards are:

:flag_ps: Clipper – @clipper_ios21
:flag_ps: Doctor – @Doctor_MFA
:flag_es: vNxTro – @vNxTro_iOS
:flag_ro: Cyber – @Cyber_iOS
:flag_nl: Yourix

:flag_tr: Atik – @atikdabestt
:flag_ca: LegioN – @LegioN_iOS
:flag_gb: AdamB
:flag_ps: Cynoxa – @Cynoxa1

:flag_lb: xSPEAR – @RawadRomh
:flag_tr: Lxndvr – @lxndvr
:flag_fr: BrokenY-E – @BrokenyE

The team are currently fighting there hardest in the Critical Ops 5on5 Open League Spring Playoffs in an effort to qualify for the Valiance Summer Season Group Stage. Currently they are 2 matches away from qualifying for the tournament, and signals are showing strong for a successful qualification.

If successful in their efforts the team will be competing with the likes of Team Elevate, Nova Esports, Dynasty and SetToDestroyX amongst the other best teams in the world in a hope to secure the fruitful prize pot.

The manager of the team xSPEAR gave the following statement:

“I am excited to announce that nerdRage Organization has acquired our Critical Ops team. My team and I are proud that Mullet Mafia had reached a spot where we get picked by big sponsors and we are looking forward to help each other to achieve the best of wins, support, and fame.”

Critical Ops showed it’s ready to become a serious contender as an esport when Amazon hosted the Mobile Masters earlier this year with a $40,000 prize pool. The top 10 teams from around the world were invited to compete in Seattle in this phenomenal event which hit 70k viewers in the final. We look forward to working hard with the team in preparation for the next Mobile Masters event where hopefully we will see the nerdRage brand shine strong.

The video below shows Clipper the leader of the team showing off some of his unbeatable aim that helps drive this team to the top.


Make sure to stay tuned throughout the year for match reports, player & staff interviews and more! Also don’t forget to keep up to date with all nerdRage news and information make sure to follow us on our Twitter, join our Discord and like our Facebook page.

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