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Game name:Kwenzo

Real Name:Kwenzokuhle Mhlongo

Age: 16 years old

Country: South Africa

Discord: Yes(K.W.M)

Twitter: Don’t have a twitter account but can create one if nessecary.

Youtube: I’m the owner of a new channel called K.M.S Diversion(Cover critical Ops as well as a variety of games on Pc 

And mobile games).Reviews,commentary,feedback etc.Its new currently.

Twitch: Don’t have but can also set it up if nessecary.

Past clans: Do not have any experience with past clans(struggle to find a good one or any at all)

Mic/vc: I have a decent microphone to communicate with my gaming buddies.It is not that bad.

Rank: I’m currrently in silver(I rarely play ranked matches not because I don’t have time but because it’s mostly too     contaminated with hackers but I’m still moving along it.

Why I think nR will pick me : Even tho my details don’t seem sufficient as well as my rank I enjoy the game.I may not have experience in any clans, yet I’m calm and collected and always think two steps ahead.To me it’s not about the fame and glory but it’s about enjoying every moment with the team your playing with.I Know every map,every corner as well as each detail down to the wire.Im a hard core gamer one of the best I feel in my youth.If you don’t believe me just give me a trail and I shall show you what I’m talking about.Its not always about the victory but how you come back from a defeat, stronger and better then ever.


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