Caught in the Crossfire nerdRage expands further

Following on from yesterday’s good news of the critical ops announcement yesterday, we are pleased to announce nerdRage are quickly expanding into a secondary game as well with many more to come.

Crossfire has been a striving esport in the Asian regions for many years now and over the last few has picked up internationally. Due to the commitment the developers have been putting into the 2018 esport circuit nerdRage are happy to push their brand into the Crossfire market.

The team that will be representing us going forward for both European and International Crossfire events will be:

🇸🇪 Oliver “Hallowed” Höfflinger
🇫🇷 Ahcene “SXY6” Aitakli
🇩🇪 Steffen “a1mtex” Sdrenka
🇵🇹 Ian “Ian” Samuel
🇸🇪 Marcus “Mack” Garpehäll Wiklund
🇩🇪Simon “RazZer” Frank

Here is what player 🇫🇷 Ahcene “SXY6” Aitakli had to comment on the announcement

“It’s an honor for us to join and play for nerdRage Pro. We are full of ambitions and I am sure that nerdRage Pro will allow us to reach our goals. We are on our way to becoming the best under this organization! I hope we’re going to live a long adventure.”

The team have been working hard to become a strong force in the European scene and have collected a collection of achievements in which they hope to develop even further under the nerdRage brand. Some of their achievements include a 1st place finish in the European Crossfire League and also 3rd place in the Major European Championship.

We are looking forward to helping the team achieve their maximum over the coming months and will be helping them push both their game and also their streams to allow fans to support and learn from the pros. Watch the team in action below.

Make sure to stay tuned throughout the year for match reports, player & staff interviews and more! Also don’t forget to keep up to date with all nerdRage news and information make sure to follow us on our Twitterjoin our Discord and like our Facebook page.

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