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Welcome Back Janetzky

by Virid | Esports General Hearthstone News Main News | 0 Comments | 24 Oct 2017

Today marks the official announcement of the return of former nerdRage player Janne ‘Janetzky’ Aho. Aho was with nerdRage for a long time before it was announced he would be leaving, and now after a few months we unveil him…

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nerdRage’s Janetzky Attends HS Global Games

by H3nleY | Hearthstone News | 0 Comments | 08 Apr 2017

Ever since Hearthstone’s beginnings in 2014, the game was fated to take over the collectible card game scene. Now, over three years later, Blizzard has capitalized upon that fame by announcing the official Hearthstone Global Games. With teams from over…

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Janne ‘Janetzky’ Aho to HCT European Winter Playoffs

by Thomas278 | Hearthstone News Main News | 0 Comments | 10 Feb 2017

One of our Hearthstone players Janne ‘Janetzky’ Aho is travelling down to the 2017 HCT European Winter Playoffs to secure his place in the 2017 HCT Winter Championship. Janne ‘Janetzky’ Aho will be competing in a series of games from February 1th to…

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