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Welcome Back Janetzky

by Virid | Esports General Hearthstone News Main News | 0 Comments | 24 Oct 2017

Today marks the official announcement of the return of former nerdRage player Janne ‘Janetzky’ Aho. Aho was with nerdRage for a long time before it was announced he would be leaving, and now after a few months we unveil him…

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Move into mobile esports with VainGlory team

by RUDIAK | Esports General Main News VainGlory News | 0 Comments | 22 Oct 2017

Mobile phones are the most popular gaming devices in the world. Hundreds of millions of people now hold a world of games in the palm of their hand at every waking moment, eliminating the inconvenience of computers and consoles. Enter…

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League of Legends: a new era for nerdRage

by Virid | Esports General LoL News Main News | 0 Comments | 17 May 2017

With much anticipation on who will be the future of the nerdRage brand, we are very excited to announce the signing of our new League of Legends team. League of Legends is a new competitive scene and era for nerdRage…

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