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UK Masters Week 1 – Bulldog eSports vs nerdRage

by Virid | LoL News Matches | 0 Comments | 20 Jun 2017

Week 1 has been wrapped up for our League of Legends team in the UK masters with a swift 2-0 win against Bulldog Esports and a very fun series to watch. We’ll start it off by talking about the pick/ban…

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League of Legends: a new era for nerdRage

by Virid | Esports General LoL News Main News | 0 Comments | 17 May 2017

With much anticipation on who will be the future of the nerdRage brand, we are very excited to announce the signing of our new League of Legends team. League of Legends is a new competitive scene and era for nerdRage…

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NerdRage sign 3 more H1Z1 players

by Virid | H1Z1 News Main News | 0 Comments | 15 Apr 2017

Here at nerdRage, we are happy to announce the signing of 3 more H1Z1 players to the lineup. Yet again NerdRage has picked up 3 more players to the H1Z1 King Of The Kill team and we look forward to…

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