Ana Sira expands the Stream Team

After the recent success and growth of nerdRage, we have no intentions of stopping there. We are pleased to announce our latest streamer to join the team!

:flag_es: Ana Sira (Twitch/Twitter)

Ana Sira has been developing her streaming community and has shone as a dedicated and entertaining individual who we think with the right help could have a huge impact on the streaming market. She is a Spanish streamer who mainly streams PUBG, but always up for a chat for the English folks out there and on occasions will be seen playing some other stuff! Ana will also be helping nerdRage produce video content in the form of product reviews and be going to events in the future for fan meet and greets! To give you a brief insight into a little bit about Ana, we have asked her the following questions below, stay tuned a video interview will come in the future, but for now we hope this will help you understand a little deeper about who Ana Sira actually is behind the webcam!


How long have you been gaming and why did you start?

I have been playing videogames since I was a child, I started with pokemon Pikachu!


When did you decide it was time to become a streamer?

When I played in lan partys with friends and they said they had fun just watching me, in that moment I decided to make more people smile so I started to stream.


Who is your favourite streamer/youtuber?

Menos trece, because he is so natural.


What do you do for work besides streaming?

I’m graphic designer.


Whats your most embarrassing moment on stream?

When Bersgamer hosted me and I didn’t know who he was.


If you could invite any celebrity dead or alive to dinner, who would it be?

Michael Jackson, because I like his music a lot.


Ana Sira Female Twitch StreamerMake sure to stay tuned throughout the year for match reports, player & staff interviews and much more! Also don’t forget to keep up to date with all nerdRage news and information make sure to follow us on our Twitterjoin our Discord and like our Facebook page.

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