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Dr Boss interview

by Virid | Critical Ops Esports General Interviews Main News Mobile esports | 0 Comments | 16 Aug 2018

During nerdRages reboot we picked up a Critical Ops team and along side that we have also been building up a stream team in which Dr Boss was the first player we acquired for it. Dr Boss  is a Critical…

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Crossfire CFCL Elite: Day 1

by Virid | Crossfire News Esports General Main News | 0 Comments | 12 Aug 2018

As you may know during our relaunch we acquired a Crossfire team which has a thriving community in regions like Asia and  after having dominating the July open bracket it meant we were earned a spot in the CFCL Elite Pro…

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Shéphyra expands stream team into Fortnite

by RUDIAK | Esports General Fortnite | 0 Comments | 04 Aug 2018

With continued expansion in our stream team, nerdRage are excited to announce the latest addition of the team! Living in France and streaming mainly Fortnite but also IRL and range of other game please welcome:  Shéphyra (Twitch / Twitter) With…

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